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Southeast Termite & Pest Control
Protects Your Business!

Homes aren't the only buildings that pests target. Commercial buildings are all breeding grounds for a wide variety of unwanted pests. These pests represent risk to your employees and customers and potentially to your reputation. It does not matter whether you are a health care, food preparation, hospitality, property management, school or professional office business… every industry should consider commercial pest control in Jacksonville.

Protect Your Business TODAY!
Southeast Termite & Pest Control are your commercial pest control specialists. We have been providing commercial pest control and lawn care services in Northern Florida for almost 25 years. Our commitment is to an unsurpassed level of professional customer service by providing complete, flexible and efficient service to our clients, no matter what type of business or industry.  We are 100% committed to providing the best, most efficient service in the industry! Our tried and true methods of commercial pest control in Jacksonville will remove all insects from your place of work. Our affordable service packages provide a wide array of different spray and pest control options for commercial properties.

A commercial pest control program should not interrupt the flow and balance of your business. Southeast Pest & Termite technicians will not interrupt your schedule, interfere with your staff or customers, require extensive preparation work on your behalf or be visible to your employees or customers.

Our technicians are knowledgeable and are thoroughly trained in all of the industry regulations and standards. Southeast Pest & Termite will develop a customized program to suit your unique needs based on a detailed inspection of your location and your input reflecting your businesses special needs. All of commercial pest management programs are developed to include  Bed Bug Treatments, Fumigation Services, Insect Control, Mosquito Remediation, Rodent Control and Termite  Control.

Each commercial pest control plan is based on an industry specific wide-ranging assessment. We include entry points, all water sources, all food sources, harborage points and customer and employee common areas in our assessment. In addition, we solicit information from employees to obtain accurate information on pest sightings and evidence in order to prevent infestations and control existing pest problems.

Call Southeast Termite & Pest Control, the leading pest control company in the Greater Jacksonville and North Florida area, to receive exceptional pest control services.

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