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Have Bedbugs Invaded Your Home?

Bedbugs are a sensitive issue to most people in the North Florida area. That's because many people believe that a bed bug problem is a result of unsanitary conditions in your home. Though they do not carry diseases they will feed on the blood of your family and pets when they are asleep and most vulnerable.

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Bedbugs are parasites that feed mainly on human blood, although they're also known to feed on the blood of birds and mice. Although they're infamous for laying their eggs on mattresses, bedbugs hide virtually anywhere, including upholstery, luggage and even behind pictures on walls. Masters at avoiding detection bed bugs often congregate during the day in hard to see areas such as furniture cracks and crevices, bed frames, mattresses and linens, behind electrical outlets and switch plates, under flooring, on computers and other belongings.
If left unaddressed, bed bug infestations can rapidly escalate into a major problem that threatens the well being of your family. If you suspect bedbugs have been introduced into your home call Southeast Pest and Termite right away. If you notice red, blotchy, and itchy spots on your family members or yourself, or see sightings of the pests in other areas of your home  bedbugs may be the cause.

Florida bed bugs are a light to dark reddish brown with flattened oval torsos. Before a feast the adult bed bug ranges from 1/4 to 5/8 inches in length (about the size of an apple seed). After engorging itself the hungry Florida bed bug will nearly double in size. Its swollen body, no longer flattened and oval is elongated and blood-filled having a dull red appearance.

The first indication of a bedbug infestation is typically either tiny smears of blood across bed sheets or clusters of red, bumpy bedbug bites. Bedbugs release a noticeable odor, but by the time it's detectable by the human nose, their infestation is quite prolific. Smell the visually checked areas. With a light infestation, bedbug odor is faint or nonexistent to the human sense of smell. The heavy, musty-sweet  (ripe raspberry-like) odor presents itself in larger infestations. Smell along mattress crevices, furniture crevices and along the underside of box springs.

If you suspect bedbugs have invaded your home, contact Southeast Termite & Pest Control as soon as possible. Bed bug removal is an extensive procedure that varies depending on the size of the house and the amount of infestation. Southeast Pest will apply pesticides to clean all of the affected areas, killing and neutralizing all bedbugs and their eggs.        

The bedbug eradication is not a do it yourself job. Over the counter products that claim to remove or kill bedbugs are typically designed to kill ticks or fleas-not bedbugs! Leave the bedbug removal to the professionals! At Southeast Pest Control we have the tools and experience

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